Mercury Networks | Quantum OmniWave
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OmniWave™ is the most cost effective way to deploy a single Mercury Quantum 6600 broadband base station. This configuration features a Mercury Quantum 6600 base station with three 2×2 antennas, each covering a 120 degree area serving customers all around the Quantum 6600 base station. Similarly, if the operator requires less than 360 degree coverage, OmniWave antennas can be set-up in any other configuration (for example, 180 or 270 degrees), delivering the required coverage while also creating some antenna overlap, to improve link budget by increasing the number of antennas used to serve each device in the coverage area.


Similar to a standard single direction deployment, OmniWave provides the capacity of a single radio channel – up to 10MHz – which is shared across the entire coverage area. Additionally, using Mercury’s advanced antenna technology, each CPE is automatically served by the correct set of antennas, with no additional set-up or configuration necessary.

A Mercury Quantum 6600 WiMAX base station with three 2×2 antennas, each covering a 120 degree sector

OmniWave provides the most flexible deployment options available

Quantum 6600 OmniWave™ Configuration

  • 360 degree configuration
  • 33dbm per antenna
  • 6 antenna base station
  • WiMAX QoS
  • WiMAX CPE options
  • 3 MIMO sectors in a single WiMAX base station